About Us

Founded in 2000, Phoenix Packaging has grown to become one of the largest glass suppliers in South East Asia. We offer an extensive range of glass products & innovative end-to-end solutions. We provide design, manufacturing and delivery services for our customers.

Our core team consists of packaging experts with more than 100 years of experience in the glass industry. We can provide designer glass packaging for various glass products, various closure systems and labels.

Our business model focuses on outsourcing production. We work closely with partnering plants which meet our standards & that are compliant with international standards because quality is what we deliver. We are able to provide innovative solutions while maintaining strict quality standards.

We have strong technical capabilities in glass manufacturing and are able to benefit from our qualified team who are proficient in international glass standards. We achieve maximum competitiveness by operating in the lowest or zero price markets.

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide innovative packaging solutions for our clients to add value to their products. Our priority includes ensuring your products are optimally protected & retained in their highest quality.

We are able to offer an extensive range of glass packaging & closure systems in varied design & sizes to meet your requirements in the beverage, food, sauces & pharmaceutical market.

We are able to design and develop glass products in any shape and form to meet our clients’ filling line or design requirements. We want to understand your product & the appropriate packaging to help in adding value to your products & profitability. Our aim is to propose innovative designs that fit client’s criteria even within the constraints of the customer’s filling and packing equipment.

We provide an extensive range of glass products of different sizes, colour & shapes together with closures which are guaranteed safe for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical end uses. Our foremost priority is without any doubt providing high quality products which are able to provide the optimal protection as the makers intended for the safe enjoyment of the product by the end consumer.

We have a number of partnering plants operating in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia & India. With this extensive network, we are able to provide our customers with an optimal solution with regards to their requirements on volumes, range, design and glass colour combined with appropriate closure systems. Our partners are well equipped with highly capable staff who are professionals trained to handle the requirements of our clients.

Our company is certified with ISO 2008 and we implement Strict Process Control & Quality Assurance systems at all plants with in-consultation approval from our clients to ensure that our products meet the agreed signed off specifications and standards as per our clients’ requirements. We work hand in glove with our partners to ensure a high level of efficiency and productivity which is achieved by meeting the customers’ requirements all the time.

ISO Certificate

Our Clients